We're Here To Help!

Because at Red Shoe Homes we believe that it is our job to help our clients find their perfect home, we realize that getting to know the 'little things' about our clients makes all the difference between finding them a house - and finding them a HOME. 

Whether you're downsizing, upsizing, starting out or starting over...it is our goal to understand you  - and your needs - as well as possible.  Our signature Red Shoe Homes approach to a 'Customized Search' will save you time and frustration, as we will only show you homes that fit your needs, lifestyle, and maybe fulfill a few of your dreams.  The questionnaires below are completely confidential, and are simply a tool that we hope will help us get to know you a little better.  You are by no means obligated to fill them out - but if you are so inclined, we'd love to hear from you!