We are so grateful for all of the frontline essential workers!

There are too many to name but this one is for all of you!

RSH & Covid19 - What are we doing?

We are being asked what is happening with the real estate market - How will it be affected? Is it still ok to sell a house, and/or shop for a house? We have put together a video with a message from us and also to show you how we can still virtually work for those in need to sell in real estate.



• We will continue practicing social distancing and will report if we have come in contact with anyone that has been
   out of the country or displaying any symptoms.
• We will self-isolate should we come in contact with someone with any symptoms.
• We will make necessary phone calls to listing and buyer agents to try to best protect you and your family as we      possibly can.
• Of course, we will negotiate the best deal on your behalf and try to make this selling/buying experience as
   non stressful as possible.



Yes, it is a FANTASTIC time to sell your home. There is still a low inventory on the market in the GTA, and with the interest rates as low as they are, it is a great time for those buyers to shop. What precautions can you take while your house is listed and things RSH is doing for you?

• We supply masks, gloves and hand sanitizer at the house for your showings

• Put up signs, "please do not touch and masks must be worn" (Red Shoe Homes can provide these)
• Prefer to not host open houses(if we do it will be done to protocols provided by RECO), stick to individual showings only.
• Showings will be booked by other Real Estate Representatives that have to sign a waiver regarding theirs and their client's COVID 19 assessments.
• Continue to practice your own social distancing Let RSH know if you are sick, or showing signs of illness
   so we can suspend showings if needed.
• Offers and documents to be received and signed through "esignatures"
• If your home is vacant, you should still disinfect at least once a day if you can.



Yes, it is a great time to buy a house, for the same reason, rates are down and there are houses to buy!
What precautions can you take while looking for your new home and what is RSH doing for you?

• RSH representative will call the listing agents to find out if the house has had anyone in the home showing
   signs of symptoms, or if they have been out of the country or around anyone that has in the last two weeks
• RSH representative will come wearing gloves and bring wipes and hand sanitizer to the showing
• RSH will open the doors, and request you to not touch anything
• We will stay a safe distance from one another - no handshaking, carpooling, etc.
• All document signing will be done by "esignatures"
• Maintain and practice your own social distancing and report any illnesses or contact with anyone that has
   been out of the country. • Wear gloves and use hand sanitizer
• If you are unwell, please stay home, and get better soon so we can start shopping for your new home again!