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Spring cleaning is a time to get to all those hard to reach and neglected areas
of your home, like the top of the fridge or behind the bookcase. So open up those windows,
let the fresh air in and put on some good tunes while you bring the sparkle back to
your home. Take the time to declutter and organize. Toss those expired spices,
old medications and leftovers from last month living in the back of your fridge. Start with
an area that will make a big impact - like when putting away your winter clothes, take
a moment to collect the ones you no longer cherish and donate them. Spring cleaning
can seem overwhelming, but if you tackle one room every weekend, you will be 
done before that first Spring tulip starts poking up out of your garden.


The key to good a Spring cleaning starts with clearing the clutter in your home. The more organized your home is, the easier it will be to keep clean. There are a million different tips out there to get your home looking it's best...these are just a few of our tried and true tips that we use to get our Red Shoe Homes Spring clean.


MAKE A SCHEDULE Scope out your home: What areas need the most work? Where do you skip during routine cleaning? Those are the best places to start. Regardless of where you start, having a plan for when you’re tackling each room will keep you focused on the task at hand.  


DECLUTTER Studies have shown that a disorganized home adds to your stress level. Spend some time organizing your closets, clearing your pantry, and looking into that junk drawer to eliminate unnecessary stress from your life.


WORK FROM TOP TO BOTTOM It’s important to start from the ceiling down. This will force debris downward and keep you from having to re-clean your space.

THINK GREEN WHEN YOU CLEAN One of the best natural combinations for cleaning is white distilled vinegar, baking soda, and water. These ingredients are affordable, non-toxic, and have worked time and time again.


KITCHEN TIP Can’t see what’s cooking in your oven because of a dirty window? Open your oven, when cooled, so the door is laying flat. Sprinkle the entire surface of the glass window with baking soda then using a spray bottle, spray it with warm water. Let sit for 10 minutes and then wipe clean. Instant sparkle!


WINDOW TIP Did you know there is an easy way to clean your blinds with almost no effort? Remove them from the window and place them in your tub with a warm water and all purpose cleaner solution. Let them soak for a little bit while you clean the glass on your windows. When done, wipe the blinds down with a rag and hang them back up to fully dry.


BEDROOM TIP We know we are supposed to flip our mattress every 6 months. Next time, sprinkle the mattress with baking soda and gently scrub with a dry brush. Vacuum up all the baking soda. You now have a much fresher and cleaner place to lay your head.


BATHROOM TIP Look up. The fan exhaust? When was the last time you cleaned it? Never? Just pop the cover off, no tools needed, and use the extension hose of your vacuum to get at all the dust. Next clean the cover with warm soapy water, dry and replace.


THE BIG GUYS (your appliances) Replacing furnace and HVAC filters is one of the most important and overlooked parts of spring cleaning. When ducts build up dust over winter, these filters catch those unwanted particles so they don’t enter your space. Also take this time to check your appliances and make sure they are clean and running properly.


Use the below chart for an easy room by room checklist. Give each family member a room to tackle
and your home will be Spring ready in no time!


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by Natalie Jones - Jan 2019

Planning to move in together in the near future? Sharing a home with a partner can be a big adjustment. But setting up a stylish, organized, and comfortable home can definitely help smooth that transition. To make your life easier, here are a few budget-friendly decorating do's and don'ts for couples who are moving into the same home for the very first time.


DON'T LET CLUTTER TAKE OVER YOUR HOME TOGETHER Look, moving in with your significant other can be blissful, but it can also be a little stressful. The last thing you need right now is for clutter to cause even more stress in your new life together. So, before you begin unpacking your stuff, take some time to get organized. Start with your closet, a common space for couple disagreements, and be sure you both have room to store your clothes, shoes, and accessories. This may mean adding more storage with a double rod or shelves, or you may need to store seasonal items elsewhere. It can also be very freeing to go through your wardrobe and get rid of the things you no longer wear. If you have a pretty sharp sense of fashion, you could even sell your clothes through sites like ThredUp or Poshmark and earn some extra money for more home decor.

DO SHOP FLEA MARKETS AND THRIFT STORES FOR UNIQUE FINDS Once you’ve gotten rid of the clutter, you can move onto more exciting home projects. If you have some extra time on the weekend, consider grabbing brunch and then spending an afternoon looking for discount secondhand finds. You can usually find amazing deals at flea markets, yard sales, and even thrift stores on furniture, decor, and gently used household items. Even if something needs a bit of upcycling, it will be well worth it to introduce a budget-friendly and one-of-a-kind touch into your new home. A new coat of paint and some knobs are usually enough to refresh those thrift store finds. No time to bargain hunt? Well, you can check out online resale sites to make finding deals on used furniture even easier.


DON'T FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO SACRIFICE YOUR PERSONAL SYTLE When you are trying to decorate your home as a couple and on a budget, it can feel like your style needs to be basic. But in reality, there are so many creative, simple ways to meet in the middle when it comes to your decorating style! Blending interior tastes takes some thought, so come together to decide on a few unifying aspects. If you’re a little boho and he’s mostly minimal, choose a common colour palette that will help mesh these unique styles together. Be willing to compromise small elements of your style, but know that you can still totally put together a beautiful home. If you do need to pick up some boho or minimalist pieces in different colours, know that there are tons of home decor retailers that offer quality products at affordable prices. You may even be able to find coupons to help you save even more!


DO DISCUSS YOUR DECOR BUDGET AS WELL AS OTHER FINANCES Okay, you know where to shop and where to start, but have you actually discussed your new home budget? Learning to budget together is an essential skill to master, especially when you plan on sharing a home. This can be especially tricky if you each have your own financial mindset. Once again, the key is to compromise! Know you can each flex your financial needs while still allowing the other to feel financially involved as well. In terms of decorating, you may want to come up with a budget for your entire home or develop a room-by-room plan. Just be sure to set aside more funds for essentials, such as a comfy mattress, and save money on smaller knick-knacks and trendy decor items.

Decorating your home together doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. With a little planning and some savvy shopping, you can get everything you need to organize your home as a couple. Then, the hardest decision you will have to make will be what to binge on Netflix!


Photo Credit: Pexels

by Natalie Jones - May 2019

Simple Methods to Gaining a Tidy Home

While tidying up has become all the craze lately, it’s really not a new concept.
Decluttering and organizing can not only transform the aesthetic and accessibility of a space,
but it can also create a sense of peace and clarity every time you step into your home.
Below you will find some simple methods to tidy your home yourself.



Projects can end up in a successful result if you start with a plan. The plan may change along the way, but having a baseline to go back to when you feel overwhelmed is beneficial. Start by identifying the areas that
need some TLC in your home and prioritize them.


Your list of priorities will reveal whether you need to tackle your belongings:


  • room by room (i.e. living room, kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, bedroom, etc.)

  • space by space (i.e. closet, nightstand, cabinets, drawers, dresser, etc.) or

  • by category (i.e. clothes, paper, books/DVDs/CDs, mementos, etc.)


Whatever method you choose, make sure to write it down. A well-thought-out plan that you can look back on will motivate you to keep going.


If you have tons of built-in storage options in your home, you can focus directly on creating storage solutions with things like closets, cabinets, and drawers. There’s a vast array of options, materials, and colours available in bins, risers, drawers, and dividers. Clear bins can make any closet, fridge or cabinet look clean, organized and easily accessible.


If your home doesn't have a ton of square footage and/or isn’t blessed with built-in storage, you’re not out of luck. There are many options to make the most of the space you have. For instance, in bedrooms, you can use the space under beds to house seasonal clothing, add decorative trunks for mementos, or use wooden crates as
an ottoman. In all rooms, make the most of the vertical space through shelves, dressers, and hanging baskets.



As you tidy, declutter, and organize, deep clean each area. Take the opportunity of moving and organizing to dust, sweep, mop, sanitize, and get into every nook. As you finish cleaning one area, put it on the calendar to do a follow up deep cleaning, but keep them on different days from other areas so that you don’t get overwhelmed by cleaning too many spaces at once.



Get family or roommates involved in the process. For the common spaces, assign everyone an area to declutter, clean, and organize. Make each person (man, woman, and child) responsible for their personal space and ensure everyone helps where needed (after all, not all junk closets and drawers and created equal; some may require an army).


If you develop a plan, you’ll likely end up with a satisfying result. However, the end result is not all that should bring joy. Here are some things you can do to add some fun:


  • Play music

  • Listen to an audiobook or podcast

  • Ask your friends to join you and chat along the way

  • Reward yourself with a delivered lunch or dinner during your break

  • At the end of a task, reward yourself with mini golf or a movie

  • Take your gently used, unwanted items to a local charity for donation

  • Sell some of your stuff for extra cash


You don’t have to be a professional organizer and decluttering expert to have a home that is less stressful,
clean and tidy. Start by making a plan, establish organizing systems that work for your home, and then get going. Working as a team and adding some fun will make the process go by much faster and feel more enjoyable. In no time, you’ll feel the relief and relaxation that comes with a clutter-free, organized home.